International Student Learning Experiences

International Student Learning Experiences

Education, Adventure & Cultural Exploration

At Oceania Cultural Consulting Ltd (OCC), we are passionate about providing enriching and transformative International Student Learning Experiences in New Zealand. Our expertise lies in organising tailored learning experiences for students aged 5 to 19, encompassing both primary school learning and the final year of high school.

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Tailored Experiences in New Zealand

Whether it's group learning experiences or individualised educational journeys, we have the knowledge and resources to create programs that cater to diverse learning styles and interests. Our team of professionals collaborates with educational institutions, teachers, and students to design engaging and educational activities that align with curriculum requirements and promote personal growth. Moreover, our expertise in travel and tourism allows us to extend our services to families seeking to explore New Zealand alongside their young learners. While the child is engaged in school-based learning experiences, we are experts at arranging tours and activities for families to enjoy the captivating beauty and rich culture of Aotearoa.

For international students seeking to immerse themselves in New Zealand's educational system, our comprehensive support ensures a smooth and seamless transition. From arranging accommodation and transportation to facilitating cultural integration, we provide holistic assistance that enables students to embrace their new academic environment with confidence and excitement.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each International Student Learning Experience is thoughtfully planned, fostering a love for learning, cross-cultural understanding, and personal development. With OCC, students and their families can embark on a journey of discovery and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Outside of School Activities

At Oceania Cultural Consulting Ltd (OCC), we take immense pride in our expertise in organising enriching International Student Learning Experiences in New Zealand. For years, we have successfully organised outside-of-school activities and educational tours for our students, teachers, and parents, creating immersive and enjoyable learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting.

These outside-of-school activities and tours serve as a platform for students to explore New Zealand's diverse landscapes, engage in hands-on learning, and deepen their understanding of the country's unique environment, culture and history.

Our programs are carefully designed to complement classroom learning, encouraging students to discover new passions and interests while building meaningful connections with their peers.

For teachers and parents, these activities and tours offer a chance to actively participate in their children's educational journey, fostering a sense of involvement and support in their academic pursuits.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that these outside-of-school activities and tours are thoughtfully planned and seamlessly executed, leaving a lasting impact on the participants' personal and educational growth.

At OCC, we believe that learning extends beyond textbooks, and these immersive experiences are designed to inspire a love for learning and a lifelong curiosity in students of all ages.

If you're seeking exceptional International Student Learning Experiences that go beyond the ordinary, our outside-of-school activities and tours offer a perfect blend of education, adventure, and cultural exploration.

Contact us today to discover how OCC can create unforgettable moments for your students, teachers, and parents in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

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