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  • We cannot express enough gratitude to Oceania Cultural Consulting (OCC) for the exceptional International Student Learning Experience they provided for our child. From the very first interaction, their professionalism and dedication stood out, especially Tina, who went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of our journey was meticulously planned and executed.

    The interactive communication we had with OCC throughout the process was outstanding. They took the time to truly understand our needs and preferences, tailoring a program that perfectly matched our child's interests and learning goals. The school arrangements they made were top-notch, and we were thoroughly impressed by the smooth facilitation of communications between the schools and our family.

    During our fantastic 6-week learning experience in New Zealand, we witnessed prominent development in our child's English language skills. But what amazed us even more was the growth in our child's positive learning abilities and the development of valuable soft skills. OCC's expertly curated activities and educational experiences nurtured our child's curiosity, confidence, and adaptability.

    Our family is already looking forward to visiting New Zealand again in the coming year, and we have no doubt that OCC will be our go-to partner for another enriching journey. Thank you, OCC, for making this experience truly unforgettable for our family and for providing our child with such a remarkable opportunity for growth and discovery.

    Gabby Xiao
    Shanghai, China
  • We cannot praise enough the exceptional experience we had on our tailored-made tour, exploring both the North and South Islands of New Zealand in April 2023, all thanks to the impeccable arrangements by Emma from Oceania Cultural Consulting (OCC).

    Emma displayed remarkable patience and excellent communication skills during the tailoring process of our itinerary. She took the time to understand our interests and preferences, crafting an itinerary that was perfectly suited to our group of four. The entire trip was seamlessly planned, and every detail exceeded our expectations.

    One of the highlights of our journey was hiring a tour guide for our travels in New Zealand, a decision that proved to be an absolute bonus and well worth the investment. Both tour guides from the North and South Islands were phenomenal, offering valuable advice and providing excellent services throughout the trip. As travelers from a country with traffic on the opposite side of the road, having a driver tour guide was truly a blessing. They made us feel safer and more at ease, navigating the beautiful landscapes and hidden gems of New Zealand with ease and confidence.

    The trip was a perfect blend of luxury and cultural exploration, with exceptional accommodations, private experiences, and fine dining, all curated to perfection by OCC. The memories we made during our journey will stay with us forever, thanks to the thoughtful planning and excellent guidance provided by Emma and her team.

    We definitely recommend OCC to anyone seeking an unforgettable experience in New Zealand. Emma's dedication to creating tailor-made tours and the exceptional services of our tour guides made our trip an absolute delight.

    Michael Brown
    Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by Oceania Cultural Consulting (OCC), specifically Emma and the rest of the team, in guiding me through the immigration process. With their professional advice and support, I successfully secured a job as a healthcare worker for Oceania Healthcare Ltd.

    From the very beginning, Emma proved to be a reliable and knowledgeable immigration advisor. She took the time to understand my unique situation and provided me with personalised guidance tailored to my needs. Her expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in making the immigration process smooth and stress-free.

    The other staff members at OCC demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and dedication. They went above and beyond to liaise with Oceania Healthcare Ltd on my behalf, organising virtual Zoom meetings with the manager at one of their rest home parks in Auckland. This enabled me to connect with the team and get a better understanding of the work environment even before I arrived in New Zealand.

    The support I received from OCC didn't stop at the immigration process. The team also helped me prepare for interviews, offering language support and guidance to present my best self during the interviews. Their encouragement and assistance gave me the confidence I needed to secure the position and begin my journey as a healthcare worker for Oceania Healthcare Ltd.

    Thanks to OCC's support and the CPVV visa, I arrived in New Zealand in 2021, and I'm delighted to say that I am still happily working for Oceania Healthcare Ltd in Auckland. The opportunities and experiences that I've gained in this beautiful country have been truly life-changing.

    I wholeheartedly recommend OCC's immigration advisory service to anyone seeking to pursue their dreams in New Zealand. Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for their clients make all the difference. Thank you, OCC, for making my New Zealand dream a reality.

    Grace Lin
    Auckland, New Zealand
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